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California Immunization Coalition (CIC)


About the Coalition

The California Immunization Coalition is a nonprofit, public and private partnership dedicated to fighting the spread of vaccine- preventable diseases and their effects by raising immunization levels for children, adolescents and adults. The Coalition provides leadership in implementing immunization education and advocacy campaigns throughout California and serves as a network and communication hub for information for local coalitions, immunization advocates, health departments and the public. Through community outreach, professional and policy-maker education and ongoing technical assistance to local immunization coalitions and health programs, Coalition members work to ensure that all Californian’s have access to life saving vaccines.


Coalition Publications

CIC Vaccine Booster
The CIC Vaccine Booster is the E-Newsletter for the California Immunization Coalition and is published at least quarterly with special editions as needed.



Coalition Activities

The California Immunization Coalition (CIC) provides leadership in policy development and advocacy with an emphasis on promoting community based advocacy through support of local coalitions
Examples include webinars to educate healthcare providers on vaccination updates, communication and outreach strategies, health disparities and media and legislative advocacy.
Target Audience: Policymakers and the media

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The California Immunization Coalition (CIC) provides educational activities and opportunities for health care professionals, community stakeholders and the public.
Suite of materials for health care providers that provide tips and guidance on talking with parents about vaccine safety.

The California Immunization Coalition partners with the California Department of Public Health Immunization Branch to create many of these materials and resources with significant input from Coalition members and stakeholders across the State.

Websites and campaigns – I Choose and Shot By Shot that provide real life examples of positive support for vaccines and Shot By Shot, stories of vaccine preventable diseases.

Our website, provides a tremendous resource for Spanish speaking families who want to learn more about vaccines.

Target Audience: Health care professionals, community stakeholders, the media and the public

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