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National Organizations


Fighting Influenza – Families Fighting Flu

This e-newsletter is distributed periodically throughout the flu season and includes updates on various campaigns and flu news.

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Hepatitis B Foundation
B Informed – Hepatitis B Foundation

B Informed is the free print and online newsletter of the Hepatitis B Foundation. The Hepatitis B Foundation goals are to increase awareness about hepatitis B and to deliver new discoveries in pursuit of a cure.

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Immunization Action Coalition
IZ Express –

IZ Express is the weekly email news and information service of Join over 53,000 subscribers!

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Immunization and Infectious Disease – NACCHO

This biweekly e-newsletter from the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) contains a compilation of relevant news and opinion articles, journal articles, learning opportunities, resources, and other items of interest to assist you in staying current on this rapidly changing and challenging field.

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The Double Helix – NFID

The Double Helix is a quarterly newsletter published by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID). This informative newsletter provides information and updates on NFID initiatives and programs and promotes upcoming meetings and activities of interest to the infectious diseases community.

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State and Local Coalitions


California Immunization Coalition
CIC Vaccine Booster – California Immunization Coalition

The CIC Vaccine Booster is the e-newsletter for the California Immunization Coalition (CIC) and is published at least quarterly with special editions as needed.

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The Virtual Voice – VICNetwork

The Virtual Voice is the e-newsletter of the Virtual Immunization Communication Network (VICNetwork). It provides resources and  information about upcoming webinars, trainings, and events. The VICNetwork  is a partnership between the National Public Health Information Coalition and CIC.

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Idaho Immunization Coalition
Idaho Immunization Coalition Newsletter – IIC

The Idaho Immunization Coalition (IIC) Newsletter is published quarterly. It features news articles, resources, spotlight on the coalition, and upcoming events.

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The Upshot Newsletter – EverThrive Illinois

The Upshot Newsletter is published three times a year and contains timely immunization news for providers, school/daycare centers, community educators, and the general public. Articles are written by community members and key staff in the immunization community.

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Indiana Immunization Coalition
Newsletter  – Indiana Immunization Coalition

The newsletter of the Indiana Immunization Coalition (IIC) is for members only. If you would like to become an IIC member and receive IIC’s bi-weekly newsletter, email IIC at


Immunize Nevada
Email List – Immunize Nevada

Immunize Nevada offers many opportunities for continuing education. Sign up today to join their email list and receive regular updates about educational opportunities.

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Oregon Immunization Program
Oregon ImmiNews – Oregon Immunization Program

Sign up to receive email alerts about new posts (updated usually 24 times per month) to ImmiNews blog

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Washington Within Reach
IACW Express – IACW

Each month, the Immunization Action Coalition of Washington (IACW) publishes an e-newsletter, the IACW Express. It includes local and national immunization news, resources, and updates on IACW’s work.

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