Network Webinars

One-hour webinars for immunization coalitions


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RECENT WEBINAR – August 17, 2022

Making Them Care: Talking to College Students about Vaccines

  • Moderator: L.J Tan, MS, PhD, Chief Policy and Partnerships Officer
  • Unity Consortium

    • Judy Klein, President and Founder of Unity Consortium (View Slides)
    • Ethan Lindenberger
    • Kelly Danielpour
  •  Meningitis B Action Project (View Slides)

    • Patti Wukovits, BSN, RN, Founder of the Kimberly Coffey Foundation
    • Alicia Stillman, MBA, MPH, Founder of the Emily Stillman Foundation
    • Mariana Rodrigues, Managing Director of DoCollective

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