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Alabama HPV Vaccination Coalition


Through a grant from the National Cancer Institute, the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center implemented a comprehensive and participatory environmental scan to identify needs and assets associated with HPV vaccination uptake in the state of Alabama across the different groups of stakeholders. The overall statewide assessment consisted of four steps: quantitative data collection; healthcare provider survey; qualitative interviews with pediatricians; identification of priorities and gaps in terms of HPV Vaccination uptake within research, education/outreach, and clinical practice; and the establishment of a statewide HPV Vaccination Coalition.

Member Organizations:
Organizations participating in the coalition include: the Alabama Chapter of the American Cancer Society (ACS), American Academy of Pediatrics - Alabama Chapter, Alabama Department of Public Health Immunization Division, Alabama Comprehensive Cancer Coalition, Alabama Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, Alabama Vaccines for Children Program, Alabama Medicaid Agency, Alabama Pharmacy Association, Alabama Child Health Improvement Alliance, Area Health Education Center - Alabama Chapter, Alabama Parent Teacher Association, American Academy of Family Physicians – Alabama Chapter, Children’s of Alabama, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, VIVA Health, and researchers from both UAB and the Mitchell Cancer Institute. The coalition has also counted on the support of the Immunization Services Division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Encourage clinics and health care providers to establish or enhance HPV vaccination guidelines, processes, and protocols. Encourage parents to vaccinate adolescents against HPV.

Updated: February 19, 2017