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Alliance for Immunization in Michigan


In 1994, Michigan learned that immunization rates in the state were the lowest in the nation. In response, a partnership of public and private sector organizations – the Alliance for Immunizations in Michigan (AIM) – was formed to focus on a broad spectrum of immunization issues in Michigan. Members of AIM must be healthcare professionals currently working or interested in the field of immunizations.


To promote immunizations across the lifespan through a coalition of healthcare professionals and agencies.


· Raise the age appropriate immunization levels of all Michigan children, adolescents and adults, through healthcare provider education.

· Equip coalition members to promote participation in the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) by supplying them with quarterly updates and written materials that can be used in physician newsletters (i.e. articles highlighting real-time bidirectional connectivity).

· Increase the number of healthcare providers equipped to raise immunization rates by promoting and documenting “hits” to the AIM toolkit website and asking all AIM coalition members to put a link to the AIM website on their organization websites, when possible.

· Provide annual printed copies of the AIM toolkit to healthcare providers, including current immunization schedules, vaccine related posters, and other informative tools.

· Maintain up-to-date information on the AIM toolkit website (

· Promote higher immunization rates in practices by featuring/awarding at least two immunization champions in regional/state venues, such as regional immunization conferences and press releases.

· Increase health care providers/public awareness of the importance of immunizations by featuring at least one recent immunization story in a document that can be made available through the AIM toolkit and website.

· Increase funds raised by the coalition so additional materials can be made available through the AIM toolkit/website.

Updated: May 15, 2016