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Immunize Milwaukee!


Immunize Milwaukee! Coalition promotes one community fully informed about immunization, engaged in health prevention, and fully immunized.


Immunize Milwaukee! Coalition is an independent, community coalition focused on innovative education, communication, and collaboration to improve and sustain high vaccination rates throughout Metro-Milwaukee.


The specific aim of the Immunize Milwaukee! Coalition (IM!) is to increase immunization rates in Metro-Milwaukee in order to protect children, adolescents, adults and the community-at- large from vaccine-preventable disease. This will be accomplished through the following four goals:
1) To provide immunization education that increases community awareness of healthcare providers, public policymakers, and business leaders.
• By designing and supporting educational efforts to increase public awareness about the
importance of recommended immunizations.
• By empowering the community and parents as a means of increasing awareness of and
adherence to recommended immunization schedules.
• By educating healthcare professionals who serve people in the greater Metro-Milwaukee areas
about national, state, and local recommendations for immunization practices.
2) To advocate for public policies that will advance the Coalition’s mission and vision, and to educate policy makers regarding the importance of immunizations.
3) To promote, support, and maintain community access to immunization services in order to eliminate disparities in immunization rates for all people.
4) To develop an effective and sustainable collaboration capable of catalyzing and implementing change.
• By recruiting and retaining members from a wide array of public and private organizations who
have an active interest in improving the health of Metro-Milwaukeeans through evidence-based
practices, and also share the Coalition’s core mission and vision.
• By exploring, developing and maintaining partnerships with private organizations, public
agencies, and parents that work towards Coalition’s goals and objectives.
• By securing diversified, multi-year funding to advance the Coalition’s initiatives.