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Immunize Oregon


Immunize Oregon is a network of agencies and individuals dedicated to sensible disease prevention and healthy communities. Immunize Oregon works to address local priorities by including partners across the state to improve health for everyone. We are a coalition of over 400 parents, grandparents, religious leaders, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, public health professionals, direct service providers, researchers, and clinical educators. Our shared Vision is a future where no Oregonian has their enjoyment of life reduced by a disease that could have been prevented by immunization.


The Immunize Oregon coalition sustains partnerships that support a healthier Oregon, through clinical expertise and equitable access.


* Provide immunization expertise, resources, and clinical education based on facts
* Foster strategic public and private partnerships that improve community health
* Work toward equitable and accessible immunizations to build community resiliency
* Advocate for policies based on science and use of sensible disease prevention approaches
* Advance a rational discussion about vaccines in Oregon by being a voice for clinical evidence