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Colorado Children's Immunization Coalition shares good news about new state rule changes related to immunization

On April 15, Stephanie Wasserman, MSPH, executive director, Colorado Children's Immunization Coalition, shared the following news with the IZCoalitions Network.
Hi Friends,
I am pleased to share with you two great victories for children's immunization in Colorado. On April 15, the Colorado Children's Immunization Coalition (CCIC) and our partners attended a Colorado Board of Health hearing on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's (CDPHE) proposed rule changes to the frequency and process of submitting immunization exemptions for school or child care. After two hours of public testimony in a standing-room only hearing, the Board of Health voted unanimously to adopt the rule changes.
The new rules mean that beginning July 2016, parents seeking non-medical exemptions for pre-kindergarten children will need to submit exemption forms following each age immunizations are recommended on the schedule developed by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). For students attending kindergarten through grade 12, forms must be submitted annually. Until now, exemption forms for non-medical reasons only needed to be provided once.
CDPHE will collect and publish annually on their website school and child care immunization rates. In addition, CDPHE will make available a voluntary online education module including scientifically-based information on school-required vaccines, the diseases they protect against, and vaccine safety.
These new rules will prevent exemptions out of convenience, allow parents to reconsider their immunization choices on a more regular basis, and provide parents with clear, accurate data to make informed decisions about where to send their children.
In addition to this exciting news, a $1.2 million budget increase request to optimize the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS), an essential tool for ensuring all children are fully immunized ensuring all children are fully immunized no matter where they live or access services, recently crossed a final hurdle and is now part of the final FY16 state budget.
There was a lot of media coverage of the board of health hearing and we are hoping for a celebration of these victories with the Governor's office during National Infant Immunization Week, April 18–25. This took a herculean effort and we could not have done this without YOU. Thank you for your continuing support as we work to ensure that all children in Colorado can grow up healthy.

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IAC is selling The Vaccine Handbook: A Practical Guide for Clinicians, a.k.a. "The Purple Book," by Dr. Gary Marshall

The Vaccine Handbook: A Practical Guide for Clinicians (“The Purple Book,” 2015, 560 pages) is a uniquely comprehensive source of practical, up-to-date information for vaccine providers and educators. Its author, Gary S. Marshall, MD, has drawn together the latest vaccine science and guidance into a concise, user-friendly, practical resource for the private office, public health clinic, academic medical center, and hospital.
IAC Executive Director Deborah Wexler, MD, is enthusiastic about helping get this book circulated as widely as possible. “During more than 20 years in the field of immunization education, I have not seen a book that is so brimming with state-of-the-science vaccine information,” she states. "This book belongs in the hands of every medical student, physician-in-training, doctor, nursing student, and nurse who provides vaccines to patients.”
The Vaccine Handbook provides:

  • Information on every licensed vaccine in the United States
  • Rationale behind authoritative vaccine recommendations
  • Contingencies encountered in everyday practice
  • A chapter dedicated to addressing vaccine concerns
  • Background on how vaccine policy is made
  • Standards and regulations
  • Office logistics, including billing procedures, and much more

About the Author
Gary Marshall, MD, is professor of pediatrics at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Kentucky, where he serves as chief of the division of pediatric infectious diseases and director of the Pediatric Clinical Trials Unit. In addition to being a busy clinician, he is nationally known for his work in the areas of vaccine research, advocacy, and education.
The newly released fifth edition of this invaluable guide is now available on IAC’s website at
The price of the handbook is $29.95 each, plus shipping charges. Discount pricing is available for more than 10 copies. Order copies for your staff or for distribution at an upcoming conference.
Quantity Discount Pricing

  • 1–10 books: no discount + shipping
  • 11–50 books: 5% + shipping
  • 51–100 books: 10% + shipping
  • 101–500 books: 15% + shipping
  • 501–1000 books: 20% + shipping

For quotes on larger quantities, email
Order your copy today!

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Follow-up information from IZCoalitions Network April 13 webinar about state vaccine legislation

On April 13, the IZCoalitions Network sponsored a webinar about state legislative activities across the nation related to vaccination. The session featured a summary from Diane Peterson, IAC's associate director for immunization projects, and state updates from Catherine Martin, director, California Immunization Coalition; Heidi Parker, executive director, Immunize Nevada; Stephanie Wasserman, executive director, Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition; and Elaine Darling, program manager, West Virginia Immunization Network.
Access Diane Peterson's slide deck: Overview of Legislative Bills on Non-Medical Exemptions to School/Childcare Immunization Mandates
If you wish to listen to the recording of this call, please email Teresa Anderson at IAC.
If you haven't already received a copy of Ms. Peterson's chart of state by state legislative activity titled "Status of Bills Related to Exemptions in 2015 Legislative Year," and wish to receive it, please email Julie Murphy at IAC.
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Are you a member of the IZCoalitions Network discussion group? If not, you're invited to join us!

The Immunization Action Coalition has moderated a listserv (email discussion group) for coalition leaders and others who work with coalitions since 2011. Currently, the IZCoalitions Network discussion group includes 236 members, including CDC experts, public health officials, and representatives from professional societies, nonprofits, and industry. The listserv is a great way to get answers to questions, promote events, share new resources, and discuss challenges and successes.
If you are connected in some way with a coalition (and not already a member of this discussion group), please consider joining. For more information, or to sign up, email Teresa Anderson at IAC.
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Pennsylvania, Iowa, West Virginia, and Idaho to hold immunization conferences in the months ahead

The following states will be hosting immunization conferences in the upcoming months. Please visit the links provided for more information.
Pennsylvania, May 14: 21st Annual Pennsylvania Immunization Conference
Iowa, June 9: Iowa Immunization Coalition Second Annual Conference
West Virginia, June 16–17: Immunization Summit 2015
Idaho, September 21: Immunization Summit 2015
If you wish to have IAC share information about your state immunization conference or other training opportunities to people inside and outside your state, please contact Teresa Anderson at IAC.
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WithinReach Washington will sponsor CDC's Epidemiology & Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases course on September 16–17

WithinReach Washington will sponsor CDC's live two-day Epidemiology & Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases course (also known as the "Pink Book" course) on September 16–17, in Tacoma, WA. The course provides a comprehensive review of immunizations and the diseases they prevent. Continuing education credits are available. Additionally, a selection of pre-course workshops will be offered on September 15, with topics including HPV, vaccine hesitancy, and the Washington State Immunization Information System.

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Reminder: March issues of Needle Tips and Vaccinate Adults are now online

The March 2015 issues of Needle Tips and Vaccinate Adults are now online.
Readers will find information about new ACIP recommendations and resources for parents, patients, and healthcare professionals. Both publications also include the "Ask the Experts" column from CDC medical officer Andrew T. Kroger, MD, MPH, and nurse educator Donna L. Weaver, RN, MN.
Needle Tips

Vaccinate Adults

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