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Network News – June 8, 2016


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Consider hosting the 2017 National Conference for Immunization Coalitions and Partnerships; applications due July 15

The 12th National Conference for Immunization Coalitions and Partnerships (NCICP) was held in Indianapolis on May 25–27. The goal of NCICP is to improve community health by enhancing the effectiveness of health coalitions by offering training in relevant coalition management and health promotion topics, as well as networking and professional development opportunities, including the bi-annual conference. The conference has traditionally occurred just before Memorial Day weekend in even years; however, recently CDC announced that the National Immunization Conference would also be held every even year, prompting the NCICP steering committee and coalition directors to change its conference to the odd years, starting in 2017.

Please consider hosting the next National Conference for Immunization Coalitions and Partnerships! The conference is usually hosted by a state immunization coalition, with help from a national volunteer planning committee. Applications must be submitted on or before July 15, 2016. More details, including the application form, can be found on the Immunization Coalitions Network website. Due to the switch from 2018 to 2017, time is of the essence, so please look over the application form soon if your coalition might be interested in hosting.

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New Immunization Coalitions Network website launched; please update your information if you haven’t already done so!

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) has recently released a brand new website for the Immunization Coalitions Network. The Immunization Coalitions Network will provide multiple channels for communication among local, state, regional, national, and international immunization coalitions. The new website is intended to be a one-stop shop for learning about immunization coalitions, their locations, missions, activities, newsletters, and how to get engaged with them. The website promotes the activities of immunization coalitions, offers resources of importance to the network, and will provide an interactive searchable online database of local, state, regional, national, and international immunization coalitions. Here, interested supporters of immunization can find contacts, resources, ideas, and volunteer opportunities.

We have attempted to contact the approximately 220 coalitions that were previously listed on the old coalitions website, and  have received updated information from 50 of these; view their pages here. If you received such an email and haven’t responded, please do so as soon as convenient so we can update your page and make it live. Much of our contact information was not current, so if no one from your coalition received an email about this new website in May, please email Teresa Anderson so we can include your coalition in this new resource!

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Iowa Immunization Coalition Conference scheduled for June 15; includes a “Take a Stand™” standing orders mini-workshop

In partnership with Genesis Medical Center, the Iowa Immunization Coalition is hosting the Iowa Immunization Coalition Conference on June 15. Participants will engage in a learning opportunity that highlights the importance of autonomy in healthcare decision making, and be able to share best practices learned with colleagues. Target audience is physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, certified medical assistants, pharmacists, and other interested healthcare professionals.

A Take a Stand™ mini-workshop on using standing orders has been added to the Iowa Immunization Coalition Conference. For more information, go to Mini-Session Take A Stand™ Davenport, Iowa. Note: attendees of the mini-workshop will need to register for the conference itself. The non-member registration fee is $100.

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2016 Nevada Health Conference to be held in Reno on October 17–18

The 2016 Nevada Health Conference will be held at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno on October 17–18. The conference will highlight pertinent and timely health-related topics on the forefront of today’s healthcare issues existing across the lifespan with the overarching conference theme: “Connecting the Dots: Preventive health for all ages and stages.”

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May issues of Needle Tips and Vaccinate Adults are now online

The May 2016 issues of Needle Tips and Vaccinate Adults are now online. Vaccinate Adults is an abbreviated version of Needle Tips with the pediatric content removed. Both publications feature the importance of using standing orders for improving immunization coverage, the 2016 U.S. recommended immunization schedules, how to order laminated pocket guides, and many ready-to-copy educational materials.

Also featured is the ever-popular column “Ask the Experts” from CDC medical officer Andrew T. Kroger, MD, MPH, and nurse educator Donna L. Weaver, RN, MN, both with the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.

Needle Tips

Vaccinate Adults

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