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NCIRD leaders Drs. Messonnier and Cohn’s webinar presentation on COVID-19 vaccination implementation is now available online

On December 3, CDC leaders Nancy Messonnier, MD, director, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) and COVID-10 Vaccine Task Force and Amanda Cohn, MD, chief medical officer, NCIRD and COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force were featured speakers on an IAC webinar titled COVID-19 Vaccination Implementation and ‘Vaccinate with Confidence’ Strategy.

Specific topics included an overview of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution strategy, current state planning efforts, and the COVID-19 “Vaccinate with Confidence” strategy.

IAC’s chief strategy officer, Dr. L.J Tan, moderated the webinar and the Q&A session that followed.

The webinar was full to capacity at 3,000 attendees. The entire webinar is now archived for viewing at and the slides are available for download.

Please share the webinar link with your colleagues.

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CDC releases provider resources to aid in patient conversations about COVID-19 vaccines

CDC has created resources to help providers start planning how to communicate with patients about COVID-19 vaccines when they become available. These CDC materials help clinicians plan for vaccination, access patients’ vaccine information needs, and communicate effectively to meet those needs. Resources are listed below.

Another valuable tool is the CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit that now contains a COVID-19 Vaccine Storage and Handling Addendum with information on storage and handling best practices for COVID-19 vaccines. Following these practices will be necessary to meet the requirements of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement. Jurisdictions and providers are encouraged to check the website often or sign up for email alerts (on far left column of the Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit website) to be notified when updates are made.

Please share these resources with your colleagues!

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Voices for Vaccines releases new podcast, “Tracking the Anti-Vaccine Movement,” featuring Erica DeWald from Vaccinate Your Family

Voices for Vaccines (VFV) has posted a new entry in its Vax Talk podcast series: “Tracking the Anti-Vaccine Movement.” The anti-vaccine movement is as old as vaccines, but it has been evolving recently. New leaders emphasize the autism disinformation campaign less and their own big media empires more. VFV invited Vaccinate Your Family’s director of advocacy Erica DeWald to its podcast to discuss where the modern anti-vaccine movement came from and where they are going.

Voices for Vaccines is a national organization of parents and others who are dedicated to raising the level of the voices of immunization supporters. VFV invites everyone who values vaccines to become a member, use VFV tools in their own community, and sign up for VFV’s free newsletter. Please spread the word to your friends and colleagues to join VFV!

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Newly updated 65+ Flu Defense website features tools and resources for healthcare professionals serving older adults

In the 2018–19 season, only 68% of adults age 65 and older were vaccinated against influenza. Confident recommendations for flu vaccine from healthcare providers are powerfully persuasive and make a significant difference in decisions your patients make about vaccination.

To assist you in maximizing protection for your patients, IAC, in collaboration with Seqirus, has updated the 65+ Flu Defense website at This helpful site includes information, tools, and tips for communicating with these adults about the scope and severity of influenza, for example:

One new handout on the site, The Importance of Preventing Influenza During a Pandemicoffers responses to help guide discussions with patients on the increased importance of flu vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic. Age increases risks associated with COVID-19 infection, including hospitalization and death. Preliminary studies suggest coinfection with influenza B and SARS-CoV-2 may elevate the risk of poor outcomes.

Be sure to check out the updated 65+ Flu Defense website at to assist your efforts in protecting this vulnerable population.

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CDC’s new web page features “No Time for Flu” campaign to reach African American and Hispanic adults

CDC’s new web page features No Time for Flu, a national campaign launched by the American Medical Association (AMA), CDC, CDC Foundation, and the Ad Council. The campaign is a culturally relevant ad campaign designed to reach African American and Hispanic adults.

The PSAs highlight the different circumstances many people are experiencing as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that, now, more than ever, no one has time to be sick with flu. The ads will appear in print, TV, radio, social media, out-of-home, and digital formats nationwide.

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Immunization coalitions, please complete Voices for Vaccines’ online coalition survey as part of their new family engagement project!

Voices for Vaccines (VFV) has secured funding to work with coalitions on a family engagement project. As a first step, VFV is sending out a survey as a basic environmental scan. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes and covers some new topics you may not have been asked about before, such as working with families and policymakers. Each of these questions was carefully curated to help organizations make the vaccination programs as useful to you as possible.

Please take a little time out of your day to take the VFV survey as part of their new family engagement project!

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More colleges and universities across the nation are requiring flu vaccine to protect staff and students—let us know if you hear of more!

Many colleges and universities across the nation are mandating flu vaccine for staff and students. IAC would like to recognize the schools that will require influenza vaccine this year:

Approximately 115 colleges and universities under a new statewide regulation in Massachusetts, all colleges and universities in Los Angeles CountyIndiana University—nine campuses, University of California system—ten campuses, University of Tennessee system—four campuses, Albion CollegeButler UniversityCarleton CollegeClaremont CollegesColby CollegeColumbia UniversityCornell UniversityCreighton UniversityDordt UniversityDuke UniversityElon UniversityEmory UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityLa Salle UniversityMarist CollegeMcDaniel CollegeMontclair State UniversityNotre DamePepperdine UniversityPurdue UniversityRochester Institute of Technology,  Rosalind Franklin UniversitySyracuse UniversityThe University of the South (Sewanee)University of DaytonUniversity of DenverUniversity of KentuckyUniversity of MiamiUniversity of North Carolina at CharlotteUniversity of PennsylvaniaUniversity of Southern CaliforniaWabash CollegeWake Forest UniversityWashington University in St. Louis, and Wayne State University.

If you know of additional colleges or universities that require influenza vaccination, please send the name of the institution, as well as a link to the relevant policy (if available) to

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IAC is seeking additional names of colleges and universities that have enacted MenB vaccination requirements and recommendations—help us grow our Men B Vaccination Honor Roll!

On May 8, the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) launched the MenB Vaccination Honor Roll to recognize colleges and universities that have established policies requiring or recommending meningococcal serogroup B (MenB) vaccination to protect their students and to prevent outbreaks. Currently, there are 265 honorees, with 40 colleges and universities requiring MenB vaccination for their students and 225 recommending it.

IAC is seeking additional names of colleges and universities that have enacted MenB vaccination policies for its MenB Vaccination Honor Roll.

To qualify for the MenB Vaccination Honor Roll, an institution must have a policy requiring or recommending MenB vaccination for students. Please help us to grow the honor roll by notifying us if you know of a college or university that requires or recommends MenB vaccination for its students. Colleges and universities may apply for the honor roll or you can alert us at

Colleges and universities added to the MenB Vaccination Honor Roll will be announced in IAC’s weekly immunization e-newsletter, IAC Express, emailed to more than 50,000 subscribers every Wednesday.

Please click here if you would like to subscribe to IAC Express.

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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia releases new Talking about Vaccines with Dr. Paul Offit videos addressing common questions about COVID-19 and vaccines—five new videos will be posted soon!

The Vaccine Education Center (VEC) at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia released Talking about Vaccines with Dr. Paul Offit. Eight new videos related to COVID-19 were recently taped by Paul Offit, MD, and have been posted or will be posted in the coming weeks. All eight videos are listed below.

The videos are available on VEC’s Videos and DVDs gateway page.

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Immunize Nevada hosts 2021 Virtual Nevada Health Conference on March 8–9

Immunize Nevada will host the 2021 Virtual Nevada Health Conference on March 8–9. The 15th Annual Nevada Health Conference theme, “Moving Nevada Forward: Shaping Healthy Communities for All,” seeks to focus on the priorities and policies needed to help move Nevada past the pandemic in 2021 and beyond, ensuring equity for all and leaving no community behind. The virtual conference, comprised of two half days on March 8–9, start at 7 a.m. (PST) and conclude at 1 p.m. (PST). Both days begin with a virtual keynote presentation, followed by concurrent workshops featuring local and national field experts presenting on panel-approved health topics related to the conference theme.

Continuing education credits are available for multiple healthcare-related fields.

Register for the webinar.

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IAC’s elegantly designed “Vaccines Save Lives” black enamel pins make great gifts for the holidays or workplace recognitions!

IAC’s elegantly designed “Vaccines Save Lives” pins make meaningful gifts for people who care about immunization. The pin makes a refined statement in hard black enamel with gold lettering and edges, measuring 1.125″ x 0.75″.

The pin is a stick-through-post variety with the back end covered by a round rubber cap that holds the pin securely. A gold metal spring-lock clasp is also provided.

Wear these pins on clothing, uniforms, and white coats to show that you value vaccines! They make a meaningful gift for people who care about immunization.


Click here for “Vaccines Save Lives” pins pricing and ordering information.

Visit Shop IAC for additional items, including “FLU VACCINE” buttons and stickers, patient record cards, and a vaccine administration training video.

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Be sure you’re subscribed to IAC’s weekly e-newsletter, IAC Express, to stay current on ACIP recommendations, FDA licensures, immunization resources from many organizations, and more

IAC Express, the free weekly e-newsletter produced by the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC), is emailed to more than 50,000 opt-in subscribers every Wednesday morning, providing articles that succinctly summarize the week’s important immunization developments.

To sign up, simply fill in your name and email address:

IAC Express keeps you informed about new and updated vaccine recommendations from CDC and new vaccine licensures by the FDA. You’ll read about newly posted Vaccine Information Statements and their translations, and new immunization education materials from IAC, CDC, AAP, and others.

IAC Express also provides updates on online and in-person educational opportunities, many offering free continuing education credit.

To view the most recent issue of IAC Express, visit

To subscribe, simply provide your name and email address at We will never share your contact information.

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Urge your coalition’s members to subscribe to IAC’s IZ Coalitions Network News

IZ Coalitions Network News is a monthly e-newsletter for the National Network of Immunization Coalitions and features news of interest to immunization coalitions and nonprofit organizations, including advocacy opportunities, legislative efforts, immunization resources, educational offerings, and local, state, and national conference information.

IZ Coalitions Network News is available to coalition members and nonprofit staff, and all people who work with immunization coalitions.

Urge your coalition members and your co-workers to subscribe. All they have to do is send a request to asking to be included.

The National Network of Immunization Coalitions is a project of the Immunization Action Coalition.

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Please make sure your coalition’s information is up to date on, the website of the National Network of Immunization Coalitions

The National Network of Immunization Coalitions website at is a place to learn about immunization coalitions and nonprofit organizations, their locations, missions, activities, newsletters, and how to engage with them. The website promotes the activities of immunization coalitions and nonprofits, offers resources of importance to the network, and provides a searchable online database of local, state, regional, and national immunization coalitions. Interested supporters of immunization can find contacts, resources, ideas, and volunteer opportunities.

There are now 138 immunization coalitions and nonprofits listed on this website; view their pages here. If your coalition is not listed, or your information needs to be updated, please email

New coalitions and nonprofits are encouraged to include their information on the National Network of Immunization Coalitions website. Updated information can be added at any time by emailing

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