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Network News – February 3, 2021


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Urge your coalition members and organization colleagues to join the 52,000 subscribers who receive IAC Express every week to stay up to date on what’s new in immunization—it’s free from IAC!

IAC Express, the free weekly e-newsletter produced by the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC), is emailed to more than 52,000 opt-in subscribers every Wednesday morning, providing articles that succinctly summarize the week’s important immunization news for people who provide vaccination services or advocate for their use.

To sign up, visit and fill in your name and email address.

IAC Express keeps you informed about new and updated vaccine recommendations from CDC and new vaccine licensures by the FDA. You’ll read about newly posted Vaccine Information Statements and their translations, and new immunization education materials from IAC, CDC, AAP, and others.

To view the most recent issue of IAC Express, visit

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Vaccinate Your Family launches state legislation tracker

Vaccinate Your Family has launched its state legislation tracker with information on new and existing vaccine-related legislation. Updated each morning, the tracker has an interactive state map and contact information for state legislators to encourage their support of immunizations.

Sign up for Immunization Alerts from Vaccinate Your Family to get more information about what’s happening across the country and how you can help support vaccinations for people of all ages.

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IAC offers a collection of its new COVID-19 vaccine resources for healthcare personnel

IAC has developed many new resources to help healthcare personnel stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccination information including:

Check back periodically as IAC’s COVID-19 vaccine resources expand.

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CDC launches two COVID-19 vaccination communication toolkits for community-based organizations and essential workers

CDC has released two new toolkits with ready-to-use materials to help build confidence about COVID-19 vaccination. CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Toolkit for Community-Based Organizations and COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Toolkit for Essential Workers include:

  • Guides for building vaccine confidence within community-based organizations and critical infrastructure sectors
  • Turn-key slide decks for virtual town halls or other informational meetings
  • Posters and flyers for multiple occupations and settings
  • Fact sheets and FAQs in eight languages
  • Newsletter content and letters to members
  • Social media sample messages
  • Printable buttons/stickers for individuals to wear once they’ve gotten their vaccine


View CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Toolkit for Community-Based Organizations and COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Toolkit for Essential Workers today!

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CHOP’s Vaccine Education Center releases English- and Spanish-language versions of their COVID-19 mRNA Q&As

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Foundation develops “Changing the COVID Conversation: Communications Cheat Sheet,” to help improve vaccine acceptance

The de Beaumont Foundation developed Changing the COVID Conversation: Communications Cheat Sheet with recommendations to help improve vaccine acceptance. These recommendations are based on the Changing the COVID Conversation poll, conducted on November 21–22, 2020. The poll reveals language that political and health leaders can use to reach all audiences, build trust in public health measures, and save lives.

Share this resource with your coalition members and colleagues to help improve vaccine acceptance.

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Help CDC test its new interactive Q&A web tool, the Flu ChatBot

CDC is pilot testing an interactive web feature called the CDC SmartFind Flu ChatBot that answers common questions about flu and flu vaccines. A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users. CDC encourages website visitors to try it out. The Flu Chatbot allows users to provide feedback on its answers, which helps improve this resource.

Check out the Flu ChatBot today!

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Immunize Colorado launches Colorado Vaccine Equity Taskforce

Immunize Colorado’s Colorado Vaccine Equity Taskforce formed last fall to support vaccination across the lifespan in communities of color. The taskforce pivoted to focus on COVID-19 vaccines in response to the disparate impact the coronavirus has had on communities of color across Colorado and the nation due in large part to systemic inequities fueled by past and ongoing racism. The taskforce has set the goal of ensuring 80 percent of all Colorado adults who are Black, Latinx, and Native American get vaccinated against COVID-19 by the fall of 2021.

Learn more about the taskforce’s outreach efforts in the January 15 press release.

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Learn about the work of this new organization, Science and Families Engaging (SAFE) Communities Coalition and Action Fund

The Science and Families Engaging (SAFE) Communities Coalition and Action Fund is a pair of organizations with a simple mandate:

  • Advocate for pro-science legislation
  • Elect pro-science candidates
  • Counter anti-vaccination candidates

The SAFE Communities Coalition is an IRS section 527 political action committee that harnesses broad resources to counter the anti-vaccination movement at every level of government, from local school boards to Congress, governors’ mansions, and more. The SAFE Action Fund is an IRS 501(c)(4) social-welfare organization that advocates for legislation and educates the public on pro-science messages.

To learn more about the SAFE Communities Coalition and Action Fund, visit or join their mailing list.

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Great for workplace recognitions! IAC’s elegantly designed “Vaccines Save Lives” black enamel pins show how much you value vaccination.

IAC’s elegantly designed “Vaccines Save Lives” pins are meaningful gifts for people who care about immunization. The pin makes a refined statement in hard black enamel with gold lettering and edges, measuring 1.125″ x 0.75″.

The pin is a stick-through-post variety with the back end covered by a round rubber cap that holds the pin securely. A gold metal spring-lock clasp is also provided.

Wear these pins on clothing, uniforms, and white coats to show that you value vaccines! They make a meaningful gift for people who care about immunization.


Click here for “Vaccines Save Lives” pin pricing and ordering information.

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Please make sure your coalition’s information is up to date on, the website of the National Network of Immunization Coalitions

The National Network of Immunization Coalitions website at is a place to learn about immunization coalitions and nonprofit organizations, their locations, missions, activities, newsletters, and how to engage with them. The website promotes the activities of immunization coalitions and nonprofits, offers resources of importance to the network, and provides a searchable online database of local, state, regional, and national immunization coalitions. Interested supporters of immunization can find contacts, resources, ideas, and volunteer opportunities.

There are now 138 immunization coalitions and nonprofits listed on this website; view their pages here. If your coalition information needs to be updated, please email

New coalitions and nonprofit organizations: please add your organization on the National Network of Immunization Coalitions website by emailing for instructions.

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Executive Director

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Chief Strategy Officer

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Associate Director for Research

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Coalitions Network Project Manager

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Contributing Editor

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Senior Administrator for Grants and Leadership


The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to increase immunization rates and prevent disease by creating and distributing educational materials for health professionals and the public that enhance the delivery of safe and effective immunization services. The Coalition also facilitates communication about the safety, efficacy, and use of vaccines within the broad immunization community of patients, parents, health care organizations, and government health agencies. Click here for more information on IAC.