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Network News – June 6, 2012


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SAVE THE DATE! IAC's next 1-hour conference call for immunization coalition leaders, members, and those who collaborate with coalitions will take place Thursday, June 28, at 2:00 pm ET (1:00 pm CT).

This call will focus on personal belief exemption (PBE) legislation around the nation. IAC's Associate Director for Immunization Projects, Diane Peterson, will share the information she presented at a plenary session at the National Conference on Immunization and Health Coalitions in May. Representatives from two states with PBE legislation experience will also speak. 
NOTE: We will provide a complete agenda and call-in information in a later email. 



Congratulations to everyone who planned the successful National Conference on Immunization and Health Coalitions!

This year’s conference was hosted by the Louisiana Shots for Tots Coalition on May 23-25, and featured best-selling author Seth Mnookin, trailblazing former Arkansas First Lady Betty Bumpers, and a variety of nationally-recognized subject matter experts. In addition, national and local immunization experts, advocates, and coalition representatives addressed topics ranging from vaccine exemptions and legislative advocacy to effective uses of social media and the latest research on various vaccine issues. The conference offered the opportunity for 275 coalitions leaders and organization representatives to meet and talk with each other. It was an information-packed AND fun three days in New Orleans! 
The slides from the conference presentations will be posted online soon. We will send an announcement via this email service once they are available. 
IAC sends a big shout-out to the planning committee members for their work on this conference: Achal Bhatt, Suzi Bouveron, Brian Bragg, Lynn Bozof, Frances Dunn Butterfoss, Michelle Charters, Anita Colbert, Kim Davis, Phoebe Davis, Richard Davis, Gina Deris, John Digges, Kathleen Dunn, Karen Elliot, Paul Etkind, Vicki Evans, Tania Farley, Kara Green, Sarah Duggan Goldstein, Rich Greenaway, Linda Greengas, Claire Hannan, Vivian Harris, Jannie Hixon, Sean Hubert, Margaret Huffman, Heidi Hurst, Kathleen Worthing Gustafson, Bruce Kieler, Lisa Kritz, Maureen Kozik, Edith Lara-Trad, Julia Lothrop, Ann Marchetti, Michael Marshall, Debbie McCune Davis, Linda Metz, Cindy Modie, Julia Morita, Charlotte Moser, Sarah Nasca, Amy Paulson, Clark Petty, Lorraine Pickrell, Lee Ann Quinn, Greg Reed, Andrew Resignato, Jane Sarwin, Paulette Schnell, Sandra Schwartz, Elana Soler, Judy Strait-Jones, Joanne Sullivan, Tiffany Tate, Melissa Van Orman, Heidi Wallace, and Deborah Wexler.