2012 National Conference on Immunization and Health Coalitions

The National Conference on Immunization and Health Coalitions (NCIHC) is a gathering of coalition leaders, staff and board members; public health workers and experts; and community advocates. The conference occurs every two years and is the product of a national volunteer planning committee. The 10th NCIHC was held in New Orleans on May 23–25, 2012.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012 – Presentations and Speakers

Pre-Conference Workshops

Exploratory Sessions
Opening Plenary


Concurrent Sessions

1A – Strategic Planning
1B – Community Engagement
1C – Reaching Out to Diverse Populations
1D – Leadership Development
1E – Immunization Registries

Thursday, May 24, 2012 – Presentations and Speakers

Plenary Panel

Concurrent Sessions

2A – Autism What We Know Now and Why It’s Important
2B – Working with Volunteers
2C – Advocacy for Immunizations
2D – Building a Sustainable Coalition
2E – Storytelling with Data
Working Lunch: Sharing Innovative Programs from Around the Country

Concurrent Sessions

3A – Federal Update: Health Care Reform and Vaccines, New Vaccine Research, Future Funding
3B – Successful Public Private Partnerships
3C – Media Relations and Successful Media Campaigns
3D – Working with Other Disease Organizations
3E – Membership Involvement
Special Session: Social Media
Special Session: Coalition Directors Meeting
  • Coalition Directors Meeting
    Amy Pisani, ECBT, and Deborah Wexler, IAC
Special Session: Cocooning
Special Session: Adult / Influenza Summits
  • Increasing Adult Immunization Coverage Rates
    JoEllen Wolicki, CDC

Friday, May 25, 2012 – Presentations and Speakers

Concurrent Sessions

4A – Working with State Health Programs
4B – Coalition Fundraising Online Fundraising
4C – Development of Promotional Materials
4D – Successful Campaigns Around Vaccine Safety

School Nurses and Local Health Unit Collaboration: A Paradigm to Decrease Vaccine Resistance Among Parents and Care Givers
Mary Koslap-Petraco, Suffolk County Department of Health Services, NY


4E – Working with Health Care Providers
Closing Plenary
  • “The Panic Virus, a True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear”
    Seth Mnookin, author and journalist
  • Closing Remarks
    Gina Deris, Shots for Tots